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5 Characters From Star Trek: Picard Who Deserve Their Own Show

Did your favorite make the list?

Star Trek: Picard

A season of Star Trek: Picard is now behind us! We’ve met some new characters and wrapped up some story threads, but there are still others that left me hankering for more.

I know there have been comics providing plenty of Picard backstory, and a novel by Una McCormack that fills in some blanks, but from a televised perspective, there are still plenty of opportunities for more, as far as this voracious TV viewer is concerned!

Here are a few of  the stories I’d really like to see explored in Picard’s aftermath — and if we can’t get a series for them, how about a TV-movie? Or a couple of Short Treks?

Laris and Zhaban

Star Trek: Picard -

It might feel like it should be a sitcom, watching them take care of the estate known as Chateau Picard, but these two Tal Shiar and Zhat Vash experts also clearly know all about the darkest corners of Romulan society. They have unwavering loyalty to Jean-Luc Picard, inside knowledge of the Tal Shiar, and lightning reflexes under fire. What more can be said, aside from, well... tell me more!


Star Trek: Picard -

How did our Hugh go from helping liberated Borgs recover from Lore’s tyranny to becoming the executive director of the Borg Reclamation Project on a Romulan-controlled Borg cube?  How did he get involved with them in the first place, and land such a high position on the cube? I’ve also always wondered what his assimilation was like in the first place; maybe a flashback? We’re all sad about the loss of Hugh, so this would be a great way to bring Jonathan Del Arco back without the whole dead-isn’t-really-dead conundrum.

The xBs

Star Trek: Picard -

What’s going to happen to all the xBs who survived Narissa’s jettison (if any did) as well as the cube crash? Imagine an anthology series where we got to see their initial assimilation, and then follow them through their reclamation. Some would try to find new homes; others would go back to where they came from and what — try to pick up where they left off? So many stories to tell.

Seven of Nine

Star Trek: Picard -

It was great to have Seven back, but far more interesting than her moments of gun-toting vengeance was the conversation she had with Picard about the struggle they both face trying to recover from assimilation. I still want to know what life was like for her when Voyager finally returned, and then see what led her from “Endgame” to joining the Fenris Rangers. She’s made some very big life decisions; let’s find out why!

Captain Rupert Crandall

Star Trek: Picard- Nepenthe

Who is this mystery man that gets called “broken” by Riker but is revered by Kestra? We never see him on screen, but fans were intrigued when the Riker-Troi family mention his name in “Nepenthe.” We know he’s ‘even older than Picard,” and has a broken ship called the Inside Straight (which means he probably enjoys a good game of poker). He’s been to Qo’noS, Tyken’s Rift (from TNG’s “Night Terrors”), gave Kestra a compass, and replies quickly when she has questions. Honestly, he sounds like a lot of fun.

And one day… Kestra

Star Trek: Picard -

This girl clearly has the potential to command a ship of her own one day, whether it’s a Starfleet ship or something else. Adventure calls, and I want to watch it unfold!

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Laurie Ulster (she/her) is a freelance writer and a TV producer who somehow survived her very confusing adolescence as the lone female Star Trek fan in middle school. She's a writer/editor and was the Supervising Producer on After Trek.

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