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2011 Comic-Con Day 2 Recap

2011 Comic-Con Day 2 Recap

Comic-Con 2011 got into full swing yesterday, with lots of people buzzing about some good-looking folks in a vampire movie. We at, meanwhile, were back again traversing the convention floor to check out the booths and products of Star Trek licensees. Here are the latest recaps of what we saw, along with a preview of things to come today:

What's the best way to start a Comic-Con morning? That’d be with Orion girls, of course! The lovely ladies of Starfleet, including two Orion girls, stopped by the CNET Lounge to meet fans Thursday morning. The ladies were sporting Star Trek (2009) replica costumes from Anovos. Later in the day, they stopped by the CBS booth (#4129) for some Star Trek trivia, with fans winning Dynomighty Mighty Wallets, badges from QMx, salt and pepper shakers from Westland, and a Star Trek Bluetooth headset from Earloomz. The biggest challenge of the day was trying to walk through the hall with the six ladies of Starfleet when they were being stopped every few moments to pose for photos by fans of all ages!

Voyager'sBob Picardo and Garrett Wang were at the Lightspeed booth (#3745) meeting fans and signing autographs.

Chip Carter, author of the new Obsessed with Star Trek book from Chronicle, autographed his book for fans at booth #1506.

Question of the day... A Star Trek fan dressed as Captain Kirk from the 2009 movie asked Pee Wee Herman (yes, Paul Reubens, a/k/a Pee Wee Herman) the eternal question: How many licks does it take to get the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? There was a disagreement as to the actual number, but we couldn’t stick around to see what came of that one. By the way, anybody out there know the answer?

Over at the Diamond Select booth (#2401), we ran into fans checking out the upcoming Star Trek Mr. Potato Heads. And across the aisle in the Diamond Toys booth (#2607), fans can snag a first look at the Captain Picard and Borg retro cloth figures scheduled for release in March 2012.

And now for a look at some of today’s scheduled events:

10:00 a.m.:Star Trek trivia and giveaways, including The Original Series 365 book by Abrams, new Obsessed with Star Trek book from Chronicle, more Dynomighty Mighty Wallets and the exclusive Enterprise bottle opener keychains.

10:15 a.m.:The Captains Panel with William Shatner and Avery Brooks in Room 6BCF.

12:30: William Shatner signing The Captains posters in room 28C.

1:00 p.m.: Chris Roberson signing a limited-edition card for the new Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes comic series at the IDW booth (#2643).

2:30 p.m.: Larry Nemecek, noted Star Trek author and blogger, in Autograph Alley.

4:00 p.m.: Mike Johnson, Tim Bradstreet and Roberto Orci signing a limited-edition card for the new Star Trek comic series at the IDW booth (#2643).

Time to Be Announced: William Shatner revealing the new The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer replica at Entertainment Earth's booth (#2343).

-------------To keep tabs of all the Star Trek action at Comic-Con, be sure to follow us at  And check back with tomorrow, as we’ll recap Friday’s Trek-centric happenings and preview what’s coming up on Saturday.