(Played by Lousie Fletcher)

Duplicitous female vedek anmd head of a conservative order by 2369, considered a longshot to succeed Kai Opaka, , the spiritual leader of Bajor. With the loss of Vedek Bareil from contention she was indeed elected as Kai in 2370.

Winn was a conservative Vedek during the Cardassian occupation and claimed to have been beaten for her religious teachings.

After becoming kai, Winn resented bowing to Ben Sisko as the so-called Emissary. Winn's unhappiness made it easy for Gul Dukat and the Pah-wraiths to seduce her.

As the Dominion War reached a climax, Winn reneged on her pact with "the devil" pah-wraith using Dukat's body, and gave the Emissary the key to saving Bajor and the Prophets. For her deed, she died in the fire caves of Bajor.