It’s only fitting that McKenzie Westmore, the daughter of modern Star Trek TV’s makeup guru Michael Westmore and a member of the Westmore makeup clan, has been making waves in her own right as the host of Faceoff, SyFy’s makeup talent hunt  and contest.  Though not a makeup artist herself, her affinity for the field has had a lot to do with making the series the cable network’s highest-rated show of 2011, winning it a second season.

The hit show brings a whole new group to her fanbase that initially swelled during her nine seasons playing Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald on the entire run of the onetime NBC daytime drama, Passions.  She also appeared on the soap All My Children from 2008-09 as Dr. Riley Sinclair.

Westmore appeared twice in Star Trek: most notably as Ensign Jenkins on the overnight bridge shift with Ensign Kim in Voyager’s “Warhead” in Season 5—and then as a drafted “extra” when much younger,  playing the uncredited role of Rose, one of the kidnapped Enterprise crew children in TNG’s “When the Bough Breaks.” She also had an uncredited cameo as a Ba’ku woman in the big-screen Insurrection.