The Administrator of the Vulcan High Command, the highest ranking official of the Vulcan government in the mid-22nd century until his political downfall in 2154. When the Earth embassy on Vulcan was bombed in that year, V'Las got personally involved in the investigation, and blamed the Syrrannite movement for the act. He used it to justify eradicating the Syrrannites, even while launching a pre-emptive strike against Andoria citing intelligence that Andorians were in possession of Xindi weapon technology. Events bore out that V'Las was essentially behind the embassy bombing — and the planting of evidence incriminating T'Pau — because he needed an excuse to eliminate the Syrrannites before their pacifistic philosophy could sway the governing council and obstruct his militaristic agenda. When Jonathan Archer and T'Pau arrived at the Vulcan capital with the Kir'Shara — an artifact containing the original writings of Surak — V'Las attempted to destroy it, but he was stopped by Minister Kuvak. V'Las was subsequently discredited and the High Command dissolved, as a new era of peace and logic was ushered in by the Syrrannites and their sympathizers.

Historians of the time were not aware that V'Las had actually been in collusion for decades with Romulan operatives planning to reunify the Vulcan and Romulan people, in an imperialistic plot to conquer the region encompassing Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar and Earth.