(Played by Ron Perlman)

The Viceroy, Shinzon's top Reman advisor, served his charge during the campaign to siege control of the Romulan Senate and destroy the Federation, starting with Captain Picard.

With Shinzon exiled to Remus following a failed cloning experiment, the Viceroy reared the clone of Picard while plotting plans against both Romulus and Earth. The Viceroy also helped Shinzon develop his unique telepathic abilities to use as a weapon of sorts, one which he channeled against Counsellor Troi during the Enterprise-E's encounter with the Scimitar.

During a break in the firefight between Enterprise and the Scimitar, the Viceroy lead an armed boarding party of Reman shock troops over to Enterprise where, in the bowels of the ship, he engaged Riker in hand-to-hand combat. Viceroy met his end during the fight, falling down a large vertical Jefferies Tube off a collapsed gantry to his death.