Unification, Part II

Picard and Data meet Spock on the planet Romulus. Spock is initially uncooperative when Picard questions him as to the details of his mission. However, the tension is lifted when Picard shares the unhappy news of Spock's father's death and attempts to fulfill his friend's last request by telling Spock of his father's love. Spock then reveals to Picard that the purpose of his mission is to reunify the Romulans and the Vulcans. The revelation shocks Picard, who does not trust the intentions of the Romulan government. After learning this, Data transports back to the disguised Klingon ship that brought him and Picard to Romulus and attempts to access the Romulans' computer system.

Back on the U.S.S. Enterprise, Riker continues to investigate the theft of surplus Vulcan ships and materials. He makes contact with Amarie, the ex-wife of a smuggler killed when the Enterprise destroyed the unmarked enemy warship that interrupted their investigation. Meanwhile, Senator Pardek brings Picard and Spock to meet with Neral, the Romulan Proconsul, who claims to support reunification. However, after Picard and Spock leave, Sela appears in Neral's office. Later, Picard tells Spock that he doesn't trust the fact that Neral has offered his support so quickly, without the support of Romulan traditionalists. Spock also feels skeptical, but decides it is in the Federation's best interest to proceed whether the Romulans have an ulterior motive or not.

Afterwards, on the Klingon vessel, Spock offers Data his help in trying to access the Romulan computer system. At the same time, Amarie puts Riker in touch with a Ferengi arms trader, who, after a threat from Riker, reveals that the Romulans are involved in the theft of Vulcan ships.

Riker immediately contacts Picard with the news, and both wonder how the stolen Vulcan ship fits into the picture. The two agree to meet, and Riker steers the Enterprise towards Romulan territory. Data finally manages to access the Romulan computer system, and he and Picard transport back to the Romulan surface to inform Spock of their findings. Spock immediately deduces that Pardek and Neral have double-crossed him, a fact that becomes even clearer when Sela appears and takes the group prisoner, informing them that she plans to take over Vulcan.

On the Enterprise, Riker worries when he is unable to reach Picard. Meanwhile, Sela declares her plan to force Spock to deliver a speech, in which he will announce the arrival of the stolen Vulcan ships. The ships, disguised as a peace envoy, are actually manned by Romulans and have been dispatched to seize control of the Vulcan government. When Spock refuses to cooperate, Sela shows him a holographic image of himself, Picard and Data, which she will use instead if she is forced to kill them. When Sela leaves the room, Picard and Data work furiously on the computer and provide themselves with an escape route. They also send an emergency signal to the Enterprise, which, already suspecting foul play, intercepts the Romulan "peace envoy" and destroys the ships. Enraged, Sela returns to kill Spock, Picard and Data, but is instead tricked into firing at their holographic images, giving the real Data an opportunity to subdue her with an imitation of Spock's legendary Vulcan nerve pinch. The three escape, and Spock decides to remain on Romulus to continue to work towards peace.