Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Last recorded assignment: Detached leave, security chief of U.S.S. Voyager, for undercover Maquis mission; both ships lost and unaccounted for SD 48307.5; UPDATE — Served aboard Voyager 2371-2378 as Security and Tactical Officer; returned with Voyager to Alpha Quadrant in 2378
Full Name: Tuvok
Species: Vulcan
Time of birth: Stardate 38774, Terran year 2264
Place of birth: Vulcanis Lunar Colony
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2289-2293
Marital status: Married 2304 to T'Pel
Children: Three sons (one named Sek), one daughter (Asil); at least one grandchild, by Sek (T'Meni)

**Includes updates through SD 55000 (2378); updated addenda pending

Starfleet Career Summary (partial)

2293 ? Graduated Starfleet Academy

2293 ? VOYAGER ANNOTATION: Served on U.S.S. Excelsior, junior science officer

2298 ? VOYAGER ANNOTATION: Resigned Starfleet from Excelsior

2343 ? Returned to Starfleet, assigned to U.S.S. Wyoming

2365 ? Critiqued Kathryn Janeway on tactical procedures she employed on her first command; later served with Janeway aboard U.S.S. Billings

2371 ? Security chief and second officer, U.S.S. Voyager under Capt. Kathryn Janeway; stranded in Delta Quadrant with Voyager

2372 ? Assumed command for six weeks during quarantine of Voyager CO and XO

2374 ? Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Captain Janeway

2378 ? Returned to Alpha Quadrant with Voyager after 7 years in Delta Quadrant


Profile: Report of Starfleet Security

Security chief and tactical officer under Captain Kathryn Janeway who had gone undercover to infiltrate the Maqui as part of Chakotay's crew when both ships disappeared in the Badlands of the Demilitarized Zone, presumably destroyed by plasma storms; the smaller craft disappeared a week before the Voyager was last heard from on SD 48307.5.

Earlier in his career, Tuvok served on the U.S.S. Wyoming and was a teacher and cadet trainer at Starfleet Academy for 16 years before joining Janeway's crew on her ship prior to the U.S.S. Voyager; for a brief time he was on leave with a temporary assignment at Jupiter Station. In his youth, he was an opponent of the Federation-Klingon treaties but later came to see the wisdom of fellow Vulcan Spock's drive for alliance.

In his personal life, Tuvok is a devoted parent and husband — his wife was in labor for 96 hours with their third child — and engages his interest in the traditional Vulcan lute, playing it for his children when they could not fall asleep at bedtime. His youngest son was especially fond of "Falor's Journey," a 347-verse epic ode. Tuvok is also an expert botanist with growing orchids a specialty he continues in his own quarters, practices the Keethara meditation routine, and began his interest in the Vulcan game kal-toh with master studies at age 5. Prior to his stint on the Wyoming, he taught archery science at the Vulcan Institute for Defensive Arts, and has maintained a scholarly interest in the study of violence for over a century.

****CLASSIFIED to Level 1 security at Subject request, AD 2349 With the best of Vulcan rationality, Tuvok was pressured by his parents into following them into Starfleet and graduated the Academy at the age of 29 in 2293, originally posted to Capt. Hikaru Sulu on the U.S.S. Excelsior. He resigned in 2398 to pursue his people's kohlinar regimen of true non-emotion after becoming disillusioned with non-Vulcans in the service, but went into pon farr six years later and began a family. His return to Starfleet was marked by a maturity and a reconsideration of the benefits service provided.

File Update: Delta Quadrant Addendum
Report by Capt. Kathryn Janeway, U.S.S. Voyager

Tuvok's physical, investigative and tactical skills are an inspiration to this crew, while his Vulcan equanimity and calm demeanor make him a valued peacekeeper aboard the ship. With his combination of wisdom, experience and vitality, Tuvok is one of the most respected members of the crew, even among the former Maquis. And he is certainly my most trusted confidant aboard this far-flung vessel, although I regret to put him on report for his formal insubordination regarding my orders banning black-market bartering for a possible shortcut home with the Sikarians.

Tuvok has recently demonstrated to me the good and bad of the mystique of the unique Vulcan mental abilities. While he has helped Kes develop her latent Ocampan abilities, he nearly made himself criminally insane despite his Vulcan self-disciplines after a mind-meld while attempting to aid psychopathic murderer and former Maquis Lon Suder, a Betazoid, after the murder of a fellow crewman.

UPDATE SD 50530: K. Janeway, addendum

Re: Crewman Suder: I underestimated Tuvok's patience and Suder's heart. The crewman had made substantial progress toward a healthy outlook before giving his life to retake this ship from Kazon-Nistrim raiders, ca. SD 49000.

Despite our earlier problems on this mission, I have come to cherish my decision to retain Tuvok as second officer, and feel such experiences as his captaincy during my and Chakotay's medical quarantine will benefit him in the long run. I know it weighed heavily on him to recant my orders against Vidiian involvement, but I cannot fault the growth he showed in considering the pleas of the entire ship. Reversing his accidental and unprecedented transporter merging with Neelix into an all-new third being was in turn a tough choice for this commander, but one in which, as the Vulcans say, I had to place the needs of the many above the needs of the one.

As for the incredible incident prompted by his viral parasite disguised as a submerged memory from his Excelsior days, I thank my friend for a look at living history — Starfleet's and his own.