As a brash, green Klingon teenager, Toral very nearly became the leader of the High Council in 2367-68 when his underhanded family with Romulan help almost won a factional civil war for control of the empire and a dissolution of the UFP-Klingon alliance. The bastard son of the late Duras and grandson of Ja'Rod, Toral was fronted by Duras' sisters Lursa and B'Etor as their family's candidate to carry on the bid to rule that Duras had once waged before his vengeful death by Worf. Once defeated and abandoned by his aunts, Toral was held up by the victorious Gowron and offered to Worf as another case of personal vengeance until it was refused, sparing the boy's life and shocking all present. Worf came to regret that move years later when, in 2372, he was nearly killed by Toral and his gang after they tracked the loose-lipped Kor and his party on a quest for the legendary Sword of Kahless into the Gamma Quadrant. Left alive after that skirmish, Toral's current fate remained unknown.