Versatile actress Susanna Thompson has four credits in her Star Trek resume, headlined by two appearances as the Borg Queen on Voyager’s “Dark Frontier” two-parter and “Unimatrix Zero” when Alice Krieg of First Contact was not available. Her role as Romulan officer Varel in TNG’s “The Next Phase" was only the fifth of her career, and she played Tilonus mental patient Jaya a year later in “Frame of Mind.” Her one turn on DS9  in 1995’s “Rejoined” was her most infamous, appearing as Dr. Lenara Kahn—the current host of a symbiont whose former host was married to a former host of Dax and now rekindles the romance, stirring up audience controversy over the same-sex kiss with Jadzia that results.

Thompson soon after rose to fame to star as Karen Sammler in the ABC hit Once and Again, and then had leads in the short-lived series Still Life, The Book of Daniel, and Kings. Most recently she appeared as love interest Hollis Mann for Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs in NCIS, and recurred as Diane Yates on CBS’ Cold Case. The 1958 native of San Diego, flush with numerous TV guest star roles, is also skilled in aikido and stage combat.