Planet: Mirror Earth. The mirror universe name for humans, after the Latin name of their planet. After the conquest of their once-feared empire by the Klingon-Cardassian alliance sometime after 2268, many are made slave laborers in ore processing or other menial jobs; a few got preferential treatment, such as Ben Sisko's marauders and Dabo girls, but they were certainly not allowed to train in careers such as medicine. As they earned trust, laborers were classified according to a Greek letter system rising to theta from lambda, at least; a four-digit number preceded the Greek letter. At Terok Nor, a new Terran Rebellion was sparked by rebel captain Ben Sisko and "Smiley" O'Brien thanks to influence from the "normal" reality; their crew eventually convinced other collaborative humans such as Dr. Jennifer Sisko to abandon their aid of the alliance, and eventually they built a mirror U.S.S. Defiant and liberated the station as a bastion for the Rebellion.