The hereditary prince of the Skorr, and master of the Eyrie, Tchar is a three-meter-tall avian creature with two shoulder-mounted wings, as well as two arms and two legs, each ending in claws. Feathered in a light tan-brown, Tchar has a dark brown beak and bright blue eyes. He is able to fly and hover. Sometime prior to 2269, he has become disenchanted with the peaceful ways of his people, and he devises a plan to steal the religious artifact known as the Soul of Skorr, thus igniting a holy war in the galaxy. Although he tries to sabotage the efforts of a group who are trying to retrieve the religious icon in 2269 (stardate: 5683.1), Tchar is caught by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. The powerful Vedala promise to cure Tchar of his madness.