Lead Andorian commando during the search of the sacred Vulcan monastery of P'Jem. Shran believed Captain Archer was collaborating with the Vulcan monks to hide a long-range sensor array in the monastery, and tortured him in an effort to obtain information. Later on, Shran found himself in Archer's debt when the captain provided him with evidence of the sensor array. Shran repaid his debt to Archer by leading a rescue mission to save the captain and T'Pol from Coridan rebels.

Shran's mission in the Delphic Expanse aboard the Kumara is to make contact with Archer, but the guise of an alliance is meant to cover his orders to scan or even steal the Xindi weapon for use in deterring his people's perceived ongoing threat from Vulcan. Shran is uneasy with betraying the humans in their own quest for survival, but is equally incensed at being outsmarted by Archer into giving up the weapon lest it be self-destructed in his cargo hold. Still, he later sends Archer his detailed scans of the weapon in a covert datastream disguised to look like static—just so no one discovers his sympathies.


He is left-handed, attended school on Andoria, and had an older brother who was killed in the border skirmishes with Vulcan while Shran was still in school.