Origin: Shelia star system. A technological, non-humanoid life-form of classification R-3; in appearance, a wrap of black, mucous-secreting folds appearing as at least a head and gesturing upper appendages (not too unlike the look of the creature Armus on Vagra II). As a culture, they view humans as a lower life form and have no qualms about exterminating those legally in their way -- as with the unknowing human "trespassers" on Tau Cygna V. They have learned several United Federation of Planets (UFP) languages but still consider them imprecise. The Sheliak language continues to elude Federation linguists, and even telepaths have been of no help. In face-to-face dialogue with Captain Picard and Counselor Troi, the Sheliak ship director speaks English without apparent translation aids. His reception room is very large and open, perhaps indicating that space is not critical on the vessel.