Steely-eyed English actress Carolyn Seymour made a big impact in her four Star Trek roles, playing two different Romulan commanders on TNG: Taris in “Contagion” and Toreth on “Face of the Enemy,” as the disguised Troi’s irritated target.  She was also the visionary Malcorian Mirasta Yale in “First Contact,” and later was Mrs. Templeton twice in Janeway’s Gothic holo-novels on Voyager (“Cathexis” and “Persistence of Vision”). Born Carolyn von Beckdendorf  in 1947 of Russian-Irish parents in Aylesbury, England, Seymour first rose to stardom in the BBC series Survivors and others, then hit fame opposite Peter O’Toole in The Ruling Class. Gamers will know her recent voice work from recent franchise series such as Dragon Age: Origins, Star Wars (including Mon Mothra and Schmi Skywalker), and as Doctor Chakwas in the Mass Effect series.