(Portrayed by James Doohan)

STARFLEET HISTORICAL FILE: Scott, Montgomery "Scotty"

Mid-level Biography Brief Mode
Final Rank: Captain
Serial Number: SE-197-54T
Year of birth: 2222
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2240-44
Marital status: Single

Starfleet Career Summary

2242 – As ensign still enrolled at Academy, began first starship posting

2264 – As lieutenant commander, became chief engineer under Capt. James T. Kirk, U.S.S. Enterprise

2269-71 – Promoted to commander, oversaw refit of Enterprise at Earth

2285 – Promoted to captain, oversaw test of transwarp drive for U.S.S. Excelsior under Capt. Styles

2286 – Tried but cleared of wrongdoing in theft of U.S.S. Enterprise before UFP Council

2293 – Scheduled retirement but called into service for Khitomer peace mission; witnessed christening of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B and death of Kirk

2294 – Presumed lost in U.S.S. Jenolen upon retirement en route to Norpin Colony

2369 – Rescued from 75-year transporter loop aboard downed Jenolen, left to roam on his own with U.S.S. Enterprise-D shuttlecraft Goddard

Scott, known as "Scotty" as well as "the miracle worker" to his longtime comrades James T. Kirk and crew, was the chief engineer aboard the original U.S.S. Enterprise and its successor craft who resurfaced 75 years after his presumed loss en route to the Norpin Colony in 2369 — perhaps his biggest miracle of all. Bullish on his Scottish ancestry, he wears ceremonial kilts with his dress uniform, plays the bagpipes and is renowned for his love of Scotch and his beverage collection from all parts of the galaxy.

Once calling himself "an old Aberdeen pub-crawler," Scott began active service in Starfleet in 2242, midway through the Academy, and served on a total of 11 ships — including a stint as engineering advisor on the asteroid freight run from planet Deneva. Kirk's original U.S.S. Enterprise was his first posting as chief engineer beginning in 2264, and his engineering feats more than once saved that starship. He returned to oversee the major refits of the ship in 2269-71, its successor the NCC-1701-A in 2286, and the short-lived transwarp engines tested on the prototype U.S.S. Excelsior a year earlier.

Scotty had bought a boat in anticipation of his retirement three months after the Khitomer peace conference in 2293, but Kirk persuaded him instead to come back to active duty. On hand for the ceremonial christening of the U.S.S. Enterprise-B, he helped save the newly launched starship from destruction by the Nexus temporal ribbon and save El-Aurian refugees, witnessing Kirk's apparent death in the process.

He finally did retire the next year at the age of 72, after 52 years in Starfleet, but for years was presumed lost with his courier ship U.S.S. Jenolen en route to the Norpin Colony, his new home. Not until 2369 was it discovered he was the only survivor of the ship's crash on the exterior of a Dyson Sphere, kept alive only as a transporter beaming loop until, ironically, he was rescued by an away team from the U.S.S. Enterprise-D — so disoriented that he thought Kirk had come to rescue him. After trading barbs and quips with Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge and helping to save that Enterprise, he received a permanently "loaned" shuttlecraft, the Goddard, from Captain Jean-Luc Picard and set off to roam the galaxy.

Although Scotty was never married, he became involved with fellow crew member Mira Romaine in 2269 until she was transferred to Memory Alpha soon afterward. In later years Uhura expressed an interest in romance, but they never got together seriously.