Sarek (Kelvin)

(Played by Ben Cross)

The legendary Vulcan ambassador, father of Spock and rare husband to an Earth woman, was already into midlife when an alternate reality created in 2333 unwittingly changed his relationship with his son in that dimension. Unlike his Prime counterpart, this Sarek found ways to be more understanding and tolerant of Spock's unique cultural stresses. In fact, despite his seat on the Vulcan High Council at the time, the two did not become estranged when elder teen Spock chose a career in Starfleet over the Vulcan Science Academy.

Later, amid Nero's attack on Vulcan, Sarek is among five High Council members who are rescued by Spock after melding with their cultural "katric ark" to salvage as much planetary culture and history as possible—and is witness to the death of his wife Amanda even as the rest all are rescued. Sarek and the rest of the council, among but an estimated 10,000 surviving Vulcans out of 4 billion, were initially taken aboard the Enterprise. There he remained a valuable yet subtle counselor to Spock throughout the Nero crisis and Spock's anxiety attack over his initial battle of wits with Kirk.

Following that crisis, it is apparent that Sarek, an obvious leader of his people as a surviving High Council member, joins his son in facing quite an uphill challenge in helping rebuild and preserve not just their culture but their species.