(Portrayed by Mark Lenard, Jonathan Simpson, and James Frain).

A legendary Vulcan ambassador for the Federation born in Terran year 2164 to Skon and grandfather Solkar, Sarek was married at least three times over an illustrious career that was being studied in school well before his death at age 202.

Sarek's accomplishments were many, including the Coridan admission debate in 2267 before the UFP Council, early Klingon treaties, and his incredible 93-year effort to bring about a Federation-Legaran treaty - but in contrast his personal life was stormy, even for a Vulcan. Sarek rarely saw his first son, Sybok, who was born in 2224 by a Vulcan princess, his first wife who died shortly after the delivery.

Sarek wed Amanda Grayson, a human, in 2229 and the next year she gave birth to Spock. Sarek and Amanda would later adopt and raise a young orphaned Human female, Michael Burnham. Sarek saved Burnham following a logic extremist attack targeting the young girl by sharing his katra with her - forever linking Burnham and Sarek.

As the first human graduate from the Vulcan Science Academy, Burnham's expected appointment to the Vulcan Expeditionary Group was derailed… by Sarek. More than seven years later, Burnham learned that Sarek was given a choice by the Vulcan Expeditionary Group Director: only one of Sarek's children - Burnham or Spock - could be appointed to the Group. Sarek chose Spock. Burnham went on to join Starfleet, serving aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou. However, she led a mutiny against Captain Georgiou, which resulted in a life sentence in prison. Burnham ended up aboard the U.S.S. Discovery six months later at the behest of Captain Lorca. One day, out of the blue, Burnham grabbed her side, dazed and in pain. "Sarek?" she asked. Sarek had reached out to her through the mind-meld void, and Burnham returned Sarek’s past favor, saving him by sharing her katra. Over time, during and in the aftermath of the Federation-Klingon war, Burnham and Sarek made their peace, with Sarek even evincing pride in his daughter for her accomplishments.  

After choosing Spock for the appointment, Sarek later broke off relations with this son when Spock chose a Starfleet career over the Vulcan Science Academy. The two had already been distant: Spock would go off for days into the mountains near their home, never revealing of his travels and stoically enduring his punishment. They did not speak again until the Coridan debate, when Sarek survived a series of heart attacks and surgery only after a transfusion of blood from donor Spock. Father and son remained on good terms as the Klingon detente bloomed and Spock, although Sarek had endured Spock's apparent death on Genesis in 2286 and later pushed for the ancient fal-to-pan refusion of his katra and retrieved body. The two later split for good over the Cardassian issue of the 24th century, by which time Amanda died and Sarek married another human, Perrin.

He was diagnosed with Bendii Syndrome by 2366 and struggled to complete the Legaran affair, finally doing so only with Picard's help after a mind-meld that finally ended his bitter denial of the debilitation. The meld later allowed Picard in turn to link with Spock in 2368, just after Sarek died at home with Perrin, and pass along the true feelings of love and admiration for his son that he was never allowed to convey in life.

Mirror Universe

During the U.S.S. Discovery's journey in the Mirror Universe, it was revealed that Sarek was a trusted advisor to the rebel leader, Fire Wolf (Voq).