(Played by Kirstie Alley
and Robin Curtis)

Female Vulcan and protégée of Spock, Saavik enrolled at Starfleet Academy in 2285. She took part in the Kobyashi Maru training simulation, a "no-win scenario" presented as a test of character.

Saavik admitted to Admiral Kirk, who presided over her simulation, that "there was no way to win" it. Saavik later served on the Enterprise, under Admiral Kirk's command, while the ship battled the vengeful Khan.

In 2287, Saavik helped in the rescue of Spock on the Genesis Planet. It was there on the Genesis Planet that Saavik had the unfortunate duty of reporting to Admiral Kirk that his son, David Marcus, "died most bravely".

Saavik then returned to planet Vulcan with the rest of Kirk's officers the following year, but remained there while they headed to Earth for court-martial.