Romulan warbird

The largest and most powerful of Romulan spacecraft, first detected in late 2364 by the Federation in the first Romulan meeting in 53 years.

Nearly twice the length overall of a Galaxy-class starship, this vessel used an artificial quantum singularity to power its warp-drive system. Decks are lettered and sections numbered. Some quarters are on C deck; Launch Bay 3 is on Deck E, Section 25. It carries at least three shuttlecraft areas, known as "Launching Bays." Even through a cloak, warp signature may be detected at speeds above warp 6.

Romulan warbirds have also been spotted in the following instances:

An unspecified Romulan warbird, bent on destroying Deep Space Nine and the wormhole as a catastrophic Dominion defense, was detected while cloaked. Due to the temporal waves emitted by its quantum singularity power source, O'Brien's radiation poisoning and his time-shifting resulted; In 2371, Tain used a warbird as his HQ during his planned invasion of the Dominion homeworld, an invasion made of a joint, covert Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar alliance bent on attacking the Founders. This warbird also found Constable Odo and Garak's Runabout near Unefra III.

A Romulan warbird was used as an adversary in Tuvok's Maquis-boot-camp battle simulation.

In 2379, the Enterprise-E encountered the new design of warbird, this one having both a more streamlined design and an extended wingspan than its counterpart's. The Valdore lead a small fleet of warbirds to intercept Reman Shinzon, in an effort to stop his plan to destroy Earth.

The warbirds joined forces with the Enterprise-E and their mission was a success.