John Rhys-Davies might still be best known as “Indiana” Jones’ film sidekick Sallah or dwarf fighter Gimli of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so portraying Captain Janeway’s ebullient and bombastic Leonardo da Vinci holo-program star twice on Voyager comes as no surprise.

Rhys-Davies first turned up as "the Maestro" in the third-season finale “Scorpion” that introduced the program, then had a full-blown adventure yarn the next year with Janeway in “Concerning Flight.” 

A 1944 native of Ammanford, Wales, Rhys-Davies first came to attention in the BBC’s landmark I, Claudius, the ABC miniseries Shogun and later had his starring turn as Professor Arturo for the first two seasons of TV's Sliders. Aside from two portrayals of Musketeer Porthos and playing a James Bond ally in The Living Daylights, he can frequently be heard lending his deep Welsh tones in voicing characters in numerous video games.