Pike (Kelvin)

(Played by Bruce Greenwood)

In the alternate timeline caused by Nero’s temporal jump from 2389 back to 2233, the evolution of starship design has been changed— and thus the leadership and training associated with them. While Capt. Christopher Pike of the Prime Universe was the second captain to command the Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise from 2251-2262, Nero’s impact delayed the Enterprise’s launch by 13 years to 2258 —and led to a much more massive scale, thanks to telemetry of the 24th century technology captured off Nero’s ship.

As such, Pike took command of this alternate Enterprise as its first captain, just as it was commissioned in 2258.  A devoted student of Nero’s defeat of the U.S.S. Kelvin 23 years earlier and its martyred hero, George Kirk, Pike was moved to meet and mentor the troubled career of his son: one James T. Kirk. His insight and motivating persistence paid off: Three years later, Earth was saved amid renewed attacks by Nero thanks to the younger Kirk’s heroics. Pike took command of the new Enterprise but only served a few days, following his injuries from that encounter that left him for at least a time in a wheelchair. Kirk, meanwhile, won an extraordinary promotion to captain that made him Pike’s successor.