Planet: exact name unspecified. Humanoids with upswept, line-textured faces and skin almost resembling some Terran mollusks or seashells. As a species, they give off an odor from skin secretions which changes with their mood; anger unleashes a particularly strong one. Their homeworld is unspecified but is apparently neither Parada IV, a gas giant, nor Parada II — since the latter's significance was unknown to replicant Chief O'Brien, who had access to the real chief's memory. The government and rebels there had been locked in civil war for 12 years (since 2358) until they asked for peace talks to be held at Deep Space Nine. Chief O'Brien had been sent as a security liaison, but the Paradas government — outwardly paranoid about security arrangements — had kidnapped him and tapped his mind to direct the Replicant sent back to DS9 until it was triggered to sabotage the talks. Part of the truce agreement was that neither side carry on secret communications with the United Federation of Planets arbiters, but an informant let the rebels know about the plot in time to warn Commander Sisko's crew to keep tabs on the double, who was unaware of his mission. Stability was apparently restored, for Paradans continue to be frequent visitors to DS9.