The spiritual leader of the Bajorans through the latter days of the Cardassian occupation and the heady first months of freedom in 2369, Opaka determined that Sisko's arrival at DS9 was in fulfillment of prophesy and the beginning of his own personal journey, although he did not return her enthusiasm at first. Only a few weeks later, Opaka was tragically lost to Bajor in a move she foresaw as prophecy when she left Bajor for the first time ever to tour DS9 unannounced. Journeying through the wormhole, she was killed in a Runabout crash on the Ennis/Nol Ennis penal moon and then resurrected by the moon's unique atmosphere, opting to stay behind to help heal the spirit of the undying combatants there as a fulfillment of her own personal prophesy. Explaining why it was a disbeliever like Sisko who should first see the Prophets, she once told Vedek Winn that one should not look into the eyes of one's own god and, when Winn disagreed, recommended she spend a day in darkness. Opaka had favored Vedek Bareil as her eventual successor: her son died with 41 Bajoran freedom fighters at the Kendra Valley Massacre during the occupation, and Bareil lost the kaiship to keep secret the fact she had sacrificed her son and his group in order to save hundreds of civilians from retribution.