A unique Borg drone that was created in early 2375 from the merger of 24th-century Borg technology with technology from the 29th century. A transporter malfunction fused nanoprobes with the Doctor's mobile emitter, and the combined device, responding to Borg assimilation protocols built into the nanoprobes, sampled DNA from Ensign Mulcahey, a member of the U.S.S. Voyager crew. The Borg device used that DNA to produce a humanoid drone that incorporated 29th-century technology, which made it substantially more sophisticated than contemporary drones. He had reactive body armor, multidimensional adaptability and internal transporter nodes. Not part of the Collective, he was curious about his Borg origins. At the same time, encouraged by Seven of Nine, the drone came to accept the cultural values of the Federation. He even chose the designation "One" for himself to emphasize his individuality. By the time One accidentally summoned a nearby Borg Sphere, he had accepted the value of individual diversity to the point where he did not wish to be assimilated into the Collective. He transported to the Borg ship and destroyed it to protect Voyager and its crew. In the process One became gravely injured, but subsequently refused medical treatment, allowing himself to die to prevent his 29th-century technology from falling into Borg hands.