Half-human, half-Ktarian daughter of Samantha Wildman, the first child born on the U.S.S. Voyager after it was swept into the Delta Quadrant. Her Ktarian father's name is Greskrendtregk, but since he remained at station Deep Space 9 when Voyager was lost, the child has grown up not knowing him.

Naomi was born under very bizarre circumstances. On Stardate 49548 (2372), Wildman was giving birth at the same time Voyager encountered a spatial scission that created an exact duplicate of the ship and its crew. Because of the baby's Ktarian physiology, Wildman suffered complications during labor and the infant died. However, on the duplicate Voyager the infant survived. But that duplicate ship was doomed, and the Captain Janeway on that vessel ordered Ensign Kim (whose double had died) to take the healthy baby and escape aboard the other ship.

The Ktarian half of Naomi's physiology caused her to grow very quickly; by the age of two, she resembled a four-year-old human child. Naomi struck close relationships with some of the adult members of the Voyager crew, particularly Neelix, who would tell her bedtime stories and care for her while her mother was away from the ship, and Seven of Nine, who was a role model for Naomi. She also befriended the Borg children who lived on Voyager from 2376 to 2377. One of Naomi's favorite activities is the holodeck program "The Adventures of Flotter."