Neal McDonough was cast in his second-ever film role as the ill-fated Lt. Hawk for 1996’s big-screen Star Trek: First Contact.  McDonough, a 1966 native of Dorchester, Mass., had been a Star Trek fan on his own and said he’d brought an Oklahoma drawl to the role of Hawk.

The actor has had a wide variety of film credits, including Captain America, Minority Report, and Flags of Our Fathers. On TV his projects include Band of Brothers and Boomtown, and he appeared as “Dave Williams”: during Season 5 of Desperate Housewives. McDonough was set to star in the ABC dramedy Scoundrels in 2011, but left the show rather than do revealing sex scenes.  He also voiced the role of Jesus in a celebrity-starring, 22-hour audio edition of the Christian Bible’s New Testament (Revised Standard Version).