A beautiful and smart Bajoran Dabo girl working for Quark's bar, Leeta combines the best of Bajoran traditions with her very untraditional lifestyle. After dating Dr. Bashir for over a year, she developed a crush on Rom during the strike by Quark's employees in 2372. After resolving her affair with Bashir using the Bajoran Rite of Separation on Risa, she followed a rocky path with the shy Rom until he finally proposed and they wed on the eve of the Dominion invasion of 2373-74. Rom's elevation to Grand Nagus in 2375 essentially made Leeta the "first lady" of Ferengi society.

An amateur sociologist, she knew of the Trill zhian'tara ceremony and, as a friend, embodied former host Emony the gymnast for Jadzia Dax in 2371.