Klingon Bird-of-Prey

The ubiquitous spread-wing craft capable of atmospheric, planetary or warp operations is utilized in two classes: the smaller B'rel and the larger K'Vort.

Kruge's smaller ship had a crew of 12 in 2286. One bird-of-prey on surprise military raids in 2372 against Cardassia carried a crew of 36.

Its bridge design featured several styles over the century, usually with a direct rear access tunnel. Kruge's had a central command chair overseeing all stations. Lursa and B'Etor modified theirs for dual command thrones. As with Federation starships, a captain's "ready room" lies just off the bridge. The guest quarters are bunk-type and very spare, with only hard boards to lie on, as evidenced on K'Vada's ship.

Specialized rooms include Weapons and Engineering and the transporter system can be entered from a corridor access panel — with the right codes.

The Bird-of-prey's tractor beam appears blue and even when shielded, its weakest point is the underbelly.