This Klingon courier played a crucial role in the Enterprise NX-01's first mission and was responsible for the first contact with humans.

As part of the Temporal Cold War, a Suliban faction known as the Cabal was used to incite chaos within the Klingon Empire, staging attacks to make it appear as if the Klingons were attacking each other. Klaang had obtained proof of this from a Suliban female named Sarin, and was on his way back to the High Council when his ship was shot down in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

The Enterprise was assigned to return Klaang to his homeworld, but the Klingon was kidnapped from the ship by the Suliban. Captain Archer and his crew managed to learn the truth and save Klaang, successfully delivering him to his homeworld. Once there, the High Council found the necessary proof of the conspiracy hidden in Klaang's DNA.