(Played by Chris Hemsworth)

The father of James T. Kirk did not live to see his son’s storied career be launched—at least not in the alternate reality created in 2233 by Nero’s temporal incursion that year from the future. As first officer of the U.S.S. Kelvin that year, Kirk served as acting captain of the science vessel in its dying minutes after Captain Robau was taken hostage aboard Nero’s ship, Narada.

To damage the Narada as much as possible and to cover the Kelvin’s fleeing escape shuttles—one of which contained his wife and infant son—Kirk opted to die aboard the ship in a massive collision between the vessels, but not until he’d heard his son and consulted on his name: his father “Tiberius” was chosen as the newborn’s middle namesake. The selfless act became legendary in Starfleet, and was studied by future Captain Pike.