High-profile roles on ABC's Lost and then CBS's "new" Hawaii Five-0 have made Daniel Dae Kim a star and household face today, but circa 2000 he was new enough to audiences to be cast in different guest roles on Voyager and Enterprise—and without the camouflage of heavy alien makeup. 

Among a growing list of other TV and film roles since 1994, Kim played “accelerated” alien astronaut Gotana-Retz in “Blink of an Eye,” with only a light alien forehead fixture, and then three times as human MACO Cpl. D. Chang on “The Xindi,” “Extinction,” and “Hatchery.” A 1968 native of Pusan, South Korea, he also appeared in the big-screen Spider-Man 2 and Crash, starred in the short-lived Babylon 5 spinoff Crusade and played recurring field agent Tom Baker on 24.