Killing Game, The, Part II

Even though World War II is being waged throughout the ship, the Hirogen leader is unwilling to destroy the holodeck technology. He insists that Janeway be found and brought to him. Meanwhile, she and Seven of Nine continue to pretend to be part of the simulation and gather with the rest of the French Resistance — Tuvok, Torres and two American soldiers, Chakotay and Paris. They concoct a plan that will allow Janeway access to the neural interfacers in the ship, which the rest of the crew still thinks is an advanced munitions laboratory.

After she and Chakotay access a Klingon simulation, Janeway summons the Doctor. The neural interfacers are controlled from sickbay, so she plans to set charges that will blow out the console. Since Voyager's safety shields are off-line, the holographic charges will work. Once Chakotay sets the explosive, Janeway overtakes the Hirogen guard. She accesses the interfacers, but a Hirogen suddenly breaks in. As she escapes, sickbay explodes, deactivating the crew's devices.

When Janeway is brought to the Hirogen leader, he explains to her his desire for the holodecks. If his species can hunt holographic prey, they will not be scattered across the quadrant and can work on rebuilding. Janeway offers to give him the technology to build holodecks if he agrees to evacuate his troops and restore Voyager. The leader orders his hunters to call a cease-fire in the simulation, but one of the Nazi soldiers talks a bloodthirsty Hirogen into ignoring his superior.

As the battle still rages on, Neelix and the Doctor recruit Klingons from their holodeck to help in the fighting. Meanwhile, Janeway works with Kim to overload the holo-emitter network, which will shut down the simulations. Suddenly, the Hirogen officer storms in and kills his leader. Instead of shooting Janeway right there, he tells her to run so he can hunt her.

With German troops surrounding them, Seven works to modify an explosive, which will give off a photonic burst that disrupts holographic activity in a small area. Just as the Nazis overtake the simulated battle, Klingons attack. Waging her own war against the Hirogen chasing her, Janeway comes across the damage caused by Seven's explosive. She lures him into the area, and his holographic gun disappears. Janeway then becomes the hunter, killing him as the holo-emitters overload and the simulation ends. A truce is negotiated with the remaining Hirogen, and they leave with their own holodeck technology.