Killing Game, The, Part I

The Hirogen have taken over the U.S.S. Voyager and implanted devices in the crew to make them believe they are characters within the holodecks. Interacting in a World War II simulation, Janeway is the leader of a secret movement gathering information from the Nazis to help the Allies. She runs a nightclub in a small province of France, and Seven of Nine is her munitions expert posing as a piano singer. Tuvok, the bartender, suspects Seven may be a Nazi infiltrator.

When Allied Command sends a coded message that they will soon be invading St. Clare, they ask Janeway's resistance group to disable the Germans' communication system. Meanwhile, two of the Hirogen soldiers are getting restless and want to proceed with the hunt, although their leader believes the simulations will help them learn more about their prey. After wounding Seven and Neelix in the holodeck, they bring them to sickbay for repair.

The Doctor is forced to repeatedly tend to the crew's injuries and then send them back to the simulations. He and Kim, who has been kept on the Bridge working to expand the holodecks, secretly work together to find a way to disable the crew's neural interfacers so they will remember who they are. The Hirogen leader plans to use Voyager's holodecks to create an endless supply of prey.

While Seven is in the sickbay, the Doctor uses one of her Borg implants to create a jamming signal. She doesn't remember anything after the Hirogen invaded Voyager, but he explains that the crew is being forced to play out their roles in the holodecks. The Doctor sends her back to the World War II simulation with instructions to find the control panel and access the Bridge relay. Then, he and Kim can deactivate the rest of the neural interfacers and the crew can mount a resistance against the Hirogen.

After Seven accesses the holodeck controls, the Doctor disables Janeway's implant just before her character tries to shoot Seven. The two women escape from Nazi headquarters as American soldiers, including Chakotay and Paris, arrive and begin firing. When a simulated explosion blows out some of the hologrid, the soldiers see into Voyager's decks and mistake them for a Nazi compound. As American and Nazi soldiers swarm into the ship, the Hirogen have a real war on their hands...