Planet: J'naii. An androgynous humanoid race, despite the uniformly single gender, the J'naii are a strikingly attractive people, all of them lithe-bodied and graceful in movement, in addition to their finely chiseled, delicate facial features. Most J'naii view the idea of gender as both repulsive and primitive, particularly among members of their own race. This cultural stigma manifests itself in the form accusing "deviates" of insanity among their own people requiring a court hearing followed by treatment that amounts to brainwashing. A neuter pronoun is used in lieu of "he" and "she," but there is no effective translation to English. Those who have gender leanings live in secret, afraid of the ridicule and shame their culture would cast upon them. In general, the J'naii enjoy dancing (the taller partner leads) and socializing. Sleeping together for warmth without sex is common. Reproduction is accomplished with the fetus incubated in fibrous husks which both parents inseminate -- the last step of a long, pleasurable mating ritual.