Jihad, The

The U.S.S. Enterprise has come to the Vedala asteroid on a unique mission, responding to a message from the Vedala that a threat to the universe is developing. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock beam down to the planet and meet a diverse group of aliens, each chosen by a female Vedalan for their unique capabilities. They soon learn that a priceless religious statue — the Soul of the Skorr — has been stolen, and if it is not recovered soon, the once-warlike avian race of the Skorr may declare a jihad ... a holy war on the entire known galaxy!

Three previous expeditions have tried to recover the missing statue from a dangerous lava-encrusted planet. Now, Kirk, and Spock are joined in their mission to retrieve the sacred relic by Tchar of the Skorr, a strong reptilian creature named Sord, master thief Em/3/Green, and a humanoid huntress named Lara. The female Vedalan transports the team to the surface of the planet, where they find a Vedalan Land Vehicle that may help them find the statue.

After being imperiled by a lava flow, torrential rains, and a snowstorm, the group makes their way to a large building — which resembles a primitive Skorr temple — hidden in a valley. As Em/3/Green tries to pick the locks of the entrance, the group is attacked by a pair of screeching flying blue dragon-like creatures, which they discover are mechanized sentinels, but not before one of them spirits Tchar away.

The remaining team members try to reach the Soul of Skorr within the temple, overcoming a series of obstacles. But soon, a saboteur is revealed: Tchar is the one who stole the sacred object, hoping to make his docile people a great race again by starting a galaxy-wide holy war. When Tchar turns on the gravity neutralizer, the group fights him in the air. Kirk and Spock subdue Tchar and Lara calls for a retrieval. Transported back to the Vedalan asteroid with the statue, the group learns that the Vedalans will cure Tchar of his warlike insanity. His crime must remain a secret, however, so all knowledge of the mission will eventually be erased from the group's memories and all records. Kirk and Spock are transported back to the Enterprise, where they learn that the entire adventure took place in less than two minutes.