With his bull-nosed bearing, Richard Herd has made playing command figures a specially—and long before he became the major player of Tom Paris’ father Admiral Owen Paris on Voyager—he was also L’Kor, the Klingon patriarch living in shame in the TNG two-part “Birthright.”  The admiral was originally played by Warren Munson in “Persistence of Vision,” but Herd had the role in “Pathfinder,” “Inside Man,” “Author, Author” and ”Endgame.” Genre fans may recall him as John the alien supreme commander in NBC’s original V series and miniseries, and even Admiral Noyce on seaQuest DSV. Outside the sci-fi roles and a long stage career, Herd also been a regular as police Capt. Sheridan on TJ Hooker, and got his first big film break in The China Syndrome with Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon and Michael Douglas. A devoted artist, the 1932 native of Boston has seen his paintings become a hit with fans as well.