Longtime film and Broadway star Bob Gunton may be most familiar to movie fans as Samuel Norton, the corrupt warden opposite Tim Robbins in the film The Shawshank Redemption. But three years before that release, Star Trek fans first widely saw Gunton as the equally tragic and forceful Capt. Ben Maxwell in TNG’s “The Phoenix,” an episode that also turned into a real springboard for Colm Meaney’s Chief O’Brien character and the history their two characters shared.

A 1945 native of Santa Monica , Calif., Gunton won a Tony Award nomination as President Juan Peron in the original Broadway cast of Evita!, and received a second nomination for the 1989 revival of Sweeney Todd.  Apart from a long career on large and small screens, TV audiences known him as Secretary of Defense and then Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin in later seasons of 24.