Broadway legend Joel Gray truly made his mark as the original “Emcee” of Cabaret, winning an Oscar and a Tony on screen and stage alike—so Voyager was honored to have him play Caylem in the touching Season 2 episode “Resistance.”

Born in 1932 as Joel David Katz in Cleveland, Ohio, Grey’s gamut of Broadway shows runs from Come Blow Your Horn and George M! to Chicago and Wicked. He was the third guest star ever on The Muppet Show, while he played The Devil on the original finale of Dallas. He was seen in recurring roles as Doc on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as Lemuel Idzik on Oz, and notoriously as “Another Mr. Sloane” on Alias, with one-off on House and Grey’s Anatomy. Earlier, his occasional role of Jacob garnered an Emmy nomination on the short-lived Brooklyn Bridge, while his unlikely turn as a Korean martial arts master in Remo Williams won a Saturn Award and a Golden Globe nomination.