(Played by Winona Ryder) 

The Amanda Grayson of the alternate timeline created in 2233 is, like her Prime counterpart, very much committed to her unique marriage to a Vulcan, Sarek, and to supporting their even more uncommon son Spock in the rough reaction he gets throughout his young life from Vulcans of all ages. She is well aware that her very presence as Spock’s mother, and his resulting half-human makeup, is a constant source of friction for Spock with Vulcan peers and superiors alike as he matures from childhood.

Tragically, she dies amid Nero’s destruction of the Vulcan planet itself in 2258, only moments and inches from a rescue by her son and a beam-out to safe refuge on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Spock’s denial of grief over her loss, and his whole planet, gives Kirk the leverage later to convince Spock that he is emotionally unfit for command.