(Played by Melvin Belli)

The last known inhabitant of planet Triacus and potentially native, an entity which assumes a vaguely humanoid form in all known appearances. Freed from a cave there by the Starnes expedition in 2269, Gorgan proceeds to drive them all to induced suicides and then gain their orphan's trust in order to hijack a vessel offworld. He almost succeeds in using the Enterprise to do so, overcoming many of the junior crew with the aid of the children, using a form of hypnotic suggestion. Even so, it is not clear whether Gorgan was actually aboard ship, or just a holographic and mostly immobile projection of himself. Once seen as unstoppable, Gorgan was eventually overcome with Kirk-led ridicule as his "friendly angle" visage turned dark and frightening, and disappeared. The children he had hijacked emotionally then finally showed normal signs of trauma and grief at their parents' deaths.