Garth of Izar

Famous starship captain of the 23rd century whose exploits are required reading at Starfleet Academy. Garth's achievements included the historic victory at Axanar in the 2250s that helped preserve the Federation. In the 2260s, Garth became seriously injured in a terrible accident, and recovered with the help of the people of planet Antos IV. They repaired his body by teaching him the art of cellular metamorphosis, but did not realize that the accident had rendered him criminally insane. Garth ordered the crew of his starship to destroy Antos IV, after which he was committed to the Federation rehab colony on planet Elba II.

In 2268, Garth managed to overpower the colony's keepers, proclaimed himself Lord Garth, master of the universe, and attempted to commandeer the U.S.S. Enterprise, which was visiting the colony. Garth's escape attempt was aided by the Antos cellular-metamorphosis process, which allowed him to change his shape to become any person he wished. After Garth was recaptured, colony administrator Donald Cory indicated optimism that new experimental medications might be able to restore Garth to sanity.