The homeworld of the Ferengi species is Ferenginar. The Ferengi have a culture which is based entirely upon commerce. They follow a code of conduct known as "The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition." These rules ordain conduct such as "Never place family before business." Reportedly these rules are subject to interpretation depending upon the situation. Plea bargaining is a legal tradition, as is the purchasing of an apprenticeship following the Attainment Ceremony. There is no distinction between business and pleasure in Ferengi culture.

Money is expected to accompany every interchange of life, even private visits to family and friends' homes and government business. Quark pays to have his FCA charges announced and to get admission into his own mother's home, as well as sign off on legal waivers there. Domes, rounded archways, low ceilings, food cellars and a lack of windows mark typical home architecture. Towels are provided at entrances to dry off from the constant rain. A typical home-welcoming greeting exchange between host and visitor is: "My house is my house/as are its contents." Tooth-sharpening is a personal hygiene habit. Pressing noses is a loving familial greeting. A woman talking to a stranger is considered an insult; a clothed one is cause to shield or avert one's eyes.

Ferengi typically emit a high-pitched shriek when attacked; they are likewise pained by ultrasonics too high for human ears — such as those aimed at eradicating Cardassian Voles. Due to their use of insects as edibles, Nog presumes Entomology is the study of becoming a chef.

Naming Day is an important landmark in a child's life.

The Ferengi brain is composed of four distinct nodes, possibly what prevents them from being read empathically by Betazeds. Ferengi blood is yellow, turning dark blue-green when oxidized. Bodies are not autopsied or even touched until after death rituals — which have been seen to be the desiccation and sale of the remains. The Ferengi culture does not embrace science, except where it will provide profit. Large earlobes are a sign of virility in Ferengi culture, and also an erogenous zone, sexually stimulated when stroked as in the performance of Oo-Mox.

Ferengi females have smaller lobes then males and are not permitted to go out in public, hold jobs, wear clothing or participate in trade or commerce. Quark says spouses never argue and that divorce and broken homes are unknown. Women are even asked to cut up food and chew it softly for their mates and children. They are also forbidden to travel.

Quark threatens a diplomatic incident to guilt Ensign Harry Kim of the U.S.S. Voyager into buying an overpriced trinket at space station Deep Space Nine when the ensign says he was "warned about Ferengis" at the Academy. They are known to have deceived other passing ships by pretending to be damaged, according to the one-time Maquis Crewman Chell.