Fair Haven

Harry Kim and Tom Paris create a new holodeck program, which is set in the Irish village of Fair Haven. However, the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager soon learns that the vessel is headed on a collision course with an interstellar hurricane. While the crew prepares for the approaching impact, Captain Janeway grants permission for the new holodeck program to have a 24-hour open door policy to keep the crew's mind off of the looming threat.

Janeway also visits Fair Haven, where she spends an evening with Michael Sullivan, a local bartender. Because she is so drawn to him, she decides to make a few modifications to his subroutine. She also tells him that her name is Katie.

The hurricane arrives, but thankfully the vessel is able to clear its heaviest portion. However, Voyager must spend at least three days inside the storm. During much of that time, many of the crewmembers return to the holographic creation. While spending more time with Michael, Janeway discovers that her amendments were almost too good to be true, because she finds herself falling in love with him. Instead of meeting him the next day as promised, Janeway doesn't show up. Michael is confused and upset and he demands that Paris tell him where she is.

The storm causes problems for the ship's systems and all power is diverted to the tractor beam. Thankfully, Voyager successfully makes it out of the hurricane. However, the holodeck program has been damaged and it must be shut down temporarily while it is repaired.

Before the program is momentarily put to rest, Janeway tells Michael that she is leaving Fair Haven for a while. Even though she cannot give him a definitive reason why, Michael still reveals his love for her. She ends the holodeck program and instructs the computer to deny Captain Janeway any future access to Michael's behavioral subroutines.