One would think that the man who holds one of the most-unique distinctions in Star Trek history — he has appeared as the same character in more hours of Star Trek than any other actor — would be instantly recognizable to the public. But thanks to the wigs and prosthetics he wore as the honorable Klingon, Worf, Michael Dorn is more likely to pass through a crowd unnoticed than any of his cast mates from Star Trek: The Next Generation or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. That is, until he opens his mouth: Dorn’s distinctive baritone voice is always a surefire giveaway, and it has been heard not only on TNG and DS9, but also in dozens of animated series, computer games, commercials, films and shows. 

Sans makeup, the Luling, Texas native, who grew up in Pasadena, Calif., made his first onscreen appearance — uncredited — in Rocky, as Apollo Creed’s bodyguard. Within a few years, however, he’d landed a co-starring role in CHiPs, and, subsequently, an ongoing one in Days of Our Lives. Then came TNG, and later DS9. He spent 11 years playing Worf across those two series and the four TNG feature films. He also voiced Worf for several Star Trek video games, including Star Trek Online, Armada and Away Team. And, of course, he played Colonel Worf, a relative of everyone's favorite Klingon, in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. And, behind the scenes, Dorn directed three episodes of DS9 and one episode of Star Trek: Enterprise

Although he played the Sandman in The Santa Clause 2 and 3, appeared on Heroes as the President of the United States and a therapist on Castle, these days his fans are more likely to hear than see him, as he's lent his rich, deep voice to such animated shows and video games as Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel, Mass Effect 2, Ben 10, Superman, Justice League, the revival of Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Uncle Grandpa and Justice League Action. An avid aviator, Dorn has owned numerous aircraft, flown with the Blue Angels and other precision teams, and still owns an old Air Force trainer jet that he takes to air shows around the country.