Doctor Bashir, I Presume?

Bashir is chosen as the model for the new version of Starfleet's holographic doctor program.

Bashir is informed of the project by Doctor Lewis Zimmerman, the scientist in charge. As part of the process, Zimmerman must learn everything he can about Bashir, from childhood quirks to his interpersonal relationships, a procedure that includes interviews with Bashir's family, friends and co-workers. Uncomfortable with this, Bashir requests that Zimmerman refrain from speaking with his parents.

Zimmerman begins the task of interviewing the crew, taking note of all of their feelings, good and bad, about Bashir. The next day, Bashir is horrified when two unexpected visitors arrive — his parents.

Bashir is clearly uncomfortable with his mother and father, and clearly upset when they tell him they have come in response to Zimmerman's request. Later, Bashir attempts to prepare his parents for their interview, especially concerned that they keep a certain childhood secret — one that, if revealed, could destroy his career.

Bashir's parents later tell their son that they won't divulge the fact that he was genetically enhanced as a child — not realizing they are talking to his holographic version while O'Brien and Zimmerman witness the exchange. Since genetic engineering is illegal, Zimmerman's pending report could cause Bashir to be immediately expelled from Starfleet once the truth comes out. Because of this, Bashir sees no alternative other than to resign before that report is filed.

Angry and defeated, Bashir confronts his parents and tells them his intentions. But when he goes to Sisko, Bashir finds that a solution has already been worked out with Starfleet. His father, Richard, will spend two years in a minimum security prison, in return for letting his son retain his Starfleet commission. Bashir reluctantly but gratefully accepts his father's sacrifice and bids his parents farewell, saddened by the turn of events, but happy that he and his father may be rewarded with a stronger relationship.