Conceptual designer and visual effects artist Daren R. Dochterman has been in the motion picture industry for nearly 20 years.

Dochterman has worked as a production illustrator, concept artist, and storyboard artist for over 50 feature films, including three Academy Award nominated films. His work has been featured (though many times uncredited) in countless making of books and DVDs. His most recent work can be seen in "Poseidon,? "X-Men 3: The Last Stand,? and "Monster House.? Other recent work yet to be released include: "Get Smart,? "The Day The Earth Stood Still,? "Dragonball,? and "G.I. JOE.?

In 2001, he was honored with a Video Premiere Award for his work supervising the visual effects for Robert Wise's "Director's Edition" of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture." Daren is also known for his pitch to Paramount when he replaced all the visual effects himself for the original Star Trek episode "The Doomsday Machine." (The entire Original Series was later remastered, with a visual effects upgrade by CBS Digital for both syndication and HD DVD release.) His digital illustrations have been featured in the last five "Star Trek: Ships of the Line" calendars published by Pocket Books. He is also a contributor to the fan production Star Trek: New Voyages. Daren is probably the only person in the world who does a (very convincing!) Gene Roddenberry impersonation.