Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Current assignment: Station Counselor, Deep Space Nine
Full Name at Birth: Ezri Tigan
Year of birth: ca. 2354
Place of birth: Trill (grew up in Sappora system)
Parents: Yanas Tigan, mother (no record of father's name)
Education: Starfleet Academy, Medical Program, 2372-2374 (final year of training waived)
Marital status: Single

**Includes summary updates through SD 52999 (2375); updated addenda pending

Starfleet Career Summary

2372 – Enrolled in Starfleet Academy medical program, with emphasis on psychology.

2374 – Assigned to U.S.S. Destiny for field training, with title of assistant ship's counselor. Joined to Dax symbiont during medical emergency. Took leave of absence to recuperate.

2375 – Accepted position as station counselor on Deep Space Nine, with promotion to lieutenant junior grade. Captured by Breen during unauthorized rescue mission to Badlands, then held captive by Dominion for execution until released by Cardassian resistance. Served aboard U.S.S. Defiant during final battle of Dominion war.

Personnel Update:
Capt. Raymer, U.S.S. Destiny, from Captain's Log SD 52073.1

The Destiny is now preparing to leave the Trill homeworld after making a stopover to visit our young crewmate, Ezri Tigan — now know as Ezri Dax. Ensign Dax, after several visits with the Symbiosis Institute, is still experiencing a great deal of disorientation after being joined to the symbiont which was placed in our care after the death of the previous host. She has requested a leave of absence for an indefinite period of time, expressing in vague terms that she needs to seek out past colleagues (presumably meaning those of the previous host). I am granting this request effective immediately.

This trip was much more awkward than I expected. Knowing full well what Ezri was going through, none of the crew members — myself included — have treated her with the same compassion and camaraderie they would normally bestow upon a crewmate. Largely that is because, since her joining, she has treated us like strangers rather than friends ... but we should have been understanding enough to see past that and support her unconditionally. I hope Ezri will give me and the rest of the crew another chance and maybe find her place among us again.

Another source of awkwardness during this stay was the presence of Ezri's mother. I had hoped to spend time with her, but I got the distinct impression that she was avoiding me — as if she didn't even want to acknowledge her daughter's involvement in Starfleet. I could detect some tense family dynamics at play, so I opted to stay clear.

Ezri has been a bright light during an otherwise bleak time, and the spirits of the crew have declined in her absence. My heart especially goes out to Ensign Finok, who is most severely affected by the changes in Ezri because of the budding romance that had been developing between them.

All this keeps me awake at night, wondering if I truly made the right call in having the symbiont placed in Ezri. Trill culture is very important to the Federation, and the Dax lifeform is particularly valuable. But Ezri was not prepared to be joined, nor did she ever desire it. She is a very independent-minded young woman who does not tie herself to tradition. Yes, I gave Ezri the ultimate choice to decide whether to be joined — but did I really give her a choice? Did I not force this decision upon her under very tense circumstances? I don't know if there is a right or wrong answer to this dilemma, but I do know this: Ezri is embarking upon an extraordinary journey that no other species can experience. She is stronger than she realizes, and I'm confident that Ezri Dax will make her mark on the universe in grand fashion.

From: Starfleet Medical Review Board
To: Capt. B. Sisko, DS9
SD 52205

After reviewing your request re: Ensign Ezri Dax (f.k.a. Ezri Tigan), it is the decision of this board that, if all affected parties are in agreement, the remainder of the ensign's educational program shall be waived, and Dax is hereby commissioned as full counselor effective immediately, with an accompanying promotion to lieutenant junior grade.

The board agrees with your assessment that Dax's circumstance is unique, as is the current environment at DS9. We believe the Federation is better served with the Dax entity remaining in active service, and it is our hope and wish that host Ezri will adjust to the abrupt changes in her life effectively.

Take good care of her, Ben.