Cardassian officer who rose through the ranks from glinn to legate to martyr. Starting out as Gul Dukat's right-hand man on the freighter Groumall in 2372, Damar went with Dukat when he commandeered a Klingon bird-of-prey and began a one-ship offensive during the Cardassian conflict with the Klingons. After Dukat made a pact with the Dominion to seize control of the Alpha Quadrant, Glinn Damar was at his side when the combined Dominion-Cardassian force recaptured space station Terok Nor (Deep Space 9) from the Federation in 2373.

During that occupation, Damar discovered a way to disable the field of self-replicating mines that was blockading the Bajoran wormhole and keeping Dominion reinforcements from passing through from the Gamma Quadrant. However, the plan was complicated by saboteurs on the station and an impending Federation/Klingon offensive. Damar learned that Dukat's daughter, Ziyal, had conspired with the saboteurs, and while the Dominion was evacuating the station, he killed her with a phaser blast. Ziyal's death caused Dukat to literally go crazy, and the Cardassian leader failed to evacuate. This allowed Damar to rise to the top position in the Cardassian Empire. Unlike his predecessor, he took on the title of Legate.

Legate Damar was still under the thumb of the Dominion, though, and while the war against the Federation/Klingon/Romulan Alliance raged, he grew increasingly depressed and detached, seeking refuge in the drink kanar. His doubts about Dominion rule grew stronger when the Founders announced an alliance with the Breen in 2375, effectively diminishing his own people's standing in the quadrant. He began to conspire with other Cardassian military leaders to form a resistance movement against the Dominion. Dominion forces, however, were able to overwhelm and destroy all segments of the military that had sided with Damar, leaving him with a rag-tag band of rebels that accepted help from the Federation — ironically, in the form of a Bajoran (Kira), a Shapeshifter (Odo), and an exiled Cardassian (Garak).

Thought dead, Damar and his band stayed undercover and performed acts of sabotage that aided efforts against the Dominion. When it became known he was still alive, the Cardassian people saw him as a hero, and the revolt against the Dominion gained steam. During the Alliance attack on Cardassia Prime, the Cardassian forces switched sides in mid-battle and ensured the Dominion's defeat in space. Meanwhile, on the ground, Damar and his resistance force invaded Dominion headquarters. Damar was killed by Jem'Hadar soldiers during this invasion, but the effort was successful in bringing about the Dominion's surrender. Damar is now considered a martyr on behalf of Cardassian pride and freedom.