(Played by Megan Cole and Adrienne Barbeau)

official who supported her people's alliance with the Federation and the Klingon Empire in the war against the Dominion. In early 2375 Cretak arranged with Starfleet to establish an office on Deep Space 9 to oversee Romulan efforts in the war. She had a good working relationship with Admiral Ross, but had more difficulty gaining such a rapport with Colonel Kira, who was in command of the station at that time. Kira did grant Cretak's request to ask the Bajoran government to allow the Romulans to set up a hospital facility on Bajor's uninhabited fourth moon, Derna, to treat war casualties, and under the colonel's advisement the Council of Ministers agreed. But Kira's trust was shattered when she learned the Romulans had begun deploying weapons on the moon. Cretak claimed the weapons were for defensive purposes only, and refused to order their removal. Kira initiated a blockade to prevent further arms technology from reaching Derna, creating a standoff between the Bajorans and the Romulans that threatened the Alliance. Ultimately Admiral Ross sided with Kira and informed Senator Cretak that if she didn't remove the weapons, he would, so Cretak backed down.

Months later, during a conference on Romulus Cretak reluctantly agrees to help Dr. Bashir investgate a tip that the Federation's covert Section 31 is trying to assassinate her Empire's Chairman Koval. She is caught searching his database for clues and tried before the Romulan Continuing Committee, betrayed with Federation help and losing her looming seat there to Koval in the disgrace. Bashir later learns there was no plot at all and Cretak’s set-up was just to ensure that it was Koval, a Federation double agent, who got the next open seat on the RCC.